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Featured ProductRaidho Acoustics - X-Series Speakers

The X-1, is a elegant and compact size stand-mount mini monitor. The speaker is built with the Raidho Ribbon Tweeter and a bass/mid-range driver with a ceramic membrane. The X-2 family is a 2,5 way design with two 4” Raidho X-drivers and one Raidho tweeter. While quite small and compact you’ll be amazed just how much music a pair of X-2’s can project into your room. Seamless, flawless It renders the tiniest of details on a pitch-black background. The Raidho Acoustics X-3 and X-3T are a 2.5-way Raidho loudspeaker designs. The X-3/T is equipped with four dedicated 4-inch ceramic, ceramic/titanium mid-bass drivers and one 8-inch side-mounted bass driver.

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Peter Qvortrup of Audio Note UK on Enjoy the Music.TV
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Audio Note M10 Signature Audio Note dagogo
Devialet Expert 130 Pro DAC-Integrated Amplifier Devialet SoundStage
Audio Union Helix One [pdf] Audio Union Stereophile
RXR/R-Shelf Equipment-Support System Harmonic Resolution Systems TAB
Audio Note Meishu Silver Signature Audio Note PTA
Raidho X-1 Raidho Acoustics TAS
Raidho D-5.1 Raidho Acoustics TAS
The Sublime Musicality of Raidho Acoustics Raidho Acoustics Part-time Audiophile
Denali Series Shunyata Research Audiostream
Audio Note (UK) E/LX Hemp Audio Note DAGOGO

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Latest Updates
The flagship CEC TL 0 3.0 & DA 0 3.0
24 June 2017

Click on image to read the full article ...The CEC TL 0 3.0 features a suspended transport mechanism and a proprietary dual belt drive system removing all motor noise and vibrations from the optical re-play system.

The DA0 3.0 features the latest in multi-bit conversion with selectable/defeat-able oversampling and digital ltering integrated with CEC proprietary “Super link” interface between the CD transport and DAC.

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See you at KL International AV Show 2017
22 June 2017

Click on image to read the full article ...Come and experience the unbeatable combination of Aavik, Ansuz and Raidho. Each bringing their own unique tech, which combined gives you a sound that must be heard to believe.

With us for the 3 days will be Lars Kristensen and Michael Borresen from Ansuz Acoustics. Come and be awed and Lars and Michael will be on hand to answer any queries you may have.

Make a date with us!
Date: 28-30 July 2017
Room: Level 9, Ruby 1
Venue: Sunway Putra ... [ » more ]

Aavik, Raidho, Ansuz Showcase on 02 Aug 2017
22 June 2017

Click on image to read the full article ...If you cannot make it to the KL International AV Show? We have invited Lars Kristensen and Michael Borresen from Raidho Acoustics for this event.

Come and be awed by what you hear and Lars and Michael will be on hand to answer any queries you may have.Come and experience the unbeatable combination of Aavik, Ansuz and Raidho. Each bringing their own unique tech, which combined gives you a sound that must be heard to believe.

Make a date with us!
Date: 02 ... [ » more ]

Devialet Expert Pro Event
21 June 2017

Click on image to read the full article ...Join us for an Event Dedicated to the Devialet Expert Pro. We will showcase the Expert 400, Expert 440 and Expert 1000.

Please call your sales rep now to reserve a slot to this exclusive ... [ » more ]

Auralic Aries Streamer
21 June 2017

Click on image to read the full article ...The ARIES serves as a “bridge” between music files on network storage or high quality online streaming services and the consumers’ DAC — enabling DACs for the first time to stream high-resolution music quickly and wirelessly in virtually any sampling rate, including DSD, Double-Rate DSD and DXD.

The inputs of ARIES include Dual-Band high-speed WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet and USB 2.0 port. The outputs are USB audio host buffered by AURALiC’s patented ActiveUSB™ technology; ... [ » more ]

SOtM SMS-200 Mini Network Player
21 June 2017

Click on image to read the full article ... sMS-200 is a new generation of mini network player with built in ‘Media Player Board’ developed by our own technology.

The significance of sMS-200 comes from the dedicated ARM processor board developed for only audio purpose, it is definitely not the similar kind of those ready-made processor boards in the market offered with dazzling low price but not that much of high sound quality, of which the most of audio product manufacturers experience deterioration of sound ... [ » more ]

Trade-In Your Phantom Speaker (Upgrade Now)
20 June 2017

Click on image to read the full article ...THE EXTREME PHANTOM,

Phantom is unique. More than a connected speaker, Phantom emits sound using a revolutionary and inherently superior process created by Devialet engineers.

Invented and made in France, protected by 108 patents, Phantom forever changes the world of sound.

Experience the ultra-dense sound with physical impact in its most extreme version with Gold PHANTOM

New Features

Gold ... [ » more ]

15 June 2017

Click on image to read the full article ...The SR-L300 Earspeaker employes new hand selected thin film diaphragm and tough stainless fixed electrodes. Rich deep bass response, delicate high frequency and soothing mid-range has been achieved in a balanced manner.


Type :Push-Pull electrostatic oval sound element, Open-Air type enclosure
Frequency Response :7 - 41,000Hz
Capacitance :110pF (including cable)
Sensitivity :101dB / 100V r.m.s. 1 kHz
Bias Voltage :580V ... [ » more ]

Devialet Expert 130 Pro Review
15 June 2017

Click on image to read the full article ...
Devialet Expert 130 Pro DAC-Integrated Amplifier

Written by Hans Wetzel

"An unflinching commitment to iterative improvement is what sets “the best” apart from everything else, and in that respect, Devialet of France is competing only with itself."

Full ... [ » more ]

The New STAX SR-L700 advanced-Lambda series Earspeaker
15 June 2017

Click on image to read the full article ...The first SR-Lambda series was introduced 36 years ago and it has further developed into a new-generation SR-Lambda with its newly designed enclosure - the new SR-L700 advanced-Lambda series Earspeaker.

The SR-009 hand selected thin-film diaphragm as well as fixed electrodes machined through three-layer stainless etching using heat diffusion has been employed for the SR-L700 sound element. Thus, rich deep bass response, delicate high ... [ » more ]

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26 June 2017, Monday

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pre-owned items
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  ASR Audio Emitter || Exclusive Version Blue set
  Audio Note OTO SE Integrated Amplifier
  Tri-Planar Mk VII Tonearm
  Clearaudio Performance SE Turntable
  Emille Labs KI-40L Stereo Tube Integrated Amp
  Audio Note CDT-3 CD Transport
  Shunyata Anaconda Helix VX 15amp Power cord
  Audio Note SPE 17 speakers cable 3 meters length
  Lyra Atlas MC Phono Cartridge
  Nagra BPS Battery-Powered Phonostage
  Naim CD 555PS DR Power Supply
  Airtight ATM-300 Stereo Poweramp
  Shunyata Alpha HC 1.75M C19
  Sony SS-NA5ES Speakers
  Aesthetix IO MKII Phono Stage
  Shunyata Alpha Digital C19 1.75m Power Cable
  EgglestonWorks Isabel Signature Speaker
  EgglestonWorks Emma Loudspeakers
  EgglestonWorks Dianne Loudspeakers
  Shunyata ZTron Anaconda Interconnects RCA 1.5m
  Shunyata Ztron Anaconda XLR Interconnect 1m
  Shunyata Ztron Python XLR Interconnect 1m ex-demo
  Shunyata Research Triton Version 1
  Dr Feickert Woodpecker Turntable
  Shunyata Alpha Analogue C15 Power Cord 1.75M
  NAD M3 Dual Mono Integrated Amplifier
  Shunyata Etron Python RCA interconnect 1m
  PurePower 1050 AC Power Regenerator & Battery Back
  Linn Akurate DS Media Player
  Naim HiCap Power Supply
  ALR Jordon Note 5 Speakers
  Audio Physic Avanti III Speakers
  Audience Au24 SX RCA Interconnect 1Meter
  Devialet 120
  Devialet D200
  Shunyata Anaconda Helix C19 1.75m Power Cord
  Avantgarde Duo G2 Speakers
  Ts Lim phono stage
  Ts Lim JP200 Pre amplifier
  Ts Lim M7 Pre amplifier
  Ts Lim 2A3 Dual mono power amplifier
  AMR CD-777 Compact Disk Processor
  Shunyata Research Triton Version 1
  Jeff Rowland Model 625 Power Amplfier
  Airtight ATC-1 Stereo Preamp with build in Phono
  Orpheus Labs 4 Integrated Amplifier
  Artemis Lab PL-1 Phono Preamplifier
  Cambridge CXN Network Player
  Bel Canto DAC 3
  AMR CD-777 Compact Disk Processor
  Kudos Audio C20 Speakers
  Constellation Centaur Mono Block
  ALR Jordan Note 5 Speakers
  Devialet L'Original d'Atelier
  Harmonix Golden Performance HS101-SLC Speaker Cab
  Audio Note M1 RIAA Phono Stage
  Avantgarde XA Pre & Power Amp
  Dynaudio Confidence C2
  Constellation Virgo II Preamplifier
  German Physiks Carbon Mk IV Speakers
  Exposure 3010S2 Power Amplifier
  Exposure 3010S2 Integrated Amp
  Harmonix Max Jumpers Bananas
  Shunyata Anaconda Helix Alpha C15 1.8M
  Harmonix RF-999MT MK2 Tuning Feet Set of 4
  Audience Au24 SE RCA Interconnect 1Meter
  Transparent Music Wave Super 2.5m Speaker Cables
  Kuzma Stogi Reference Tonearm
  Airtight ATC-2 PreAmp
  Harmonix Golden Performance XLR Interconnect 1 M
  MF M6SCD CD Player
Harmonix HS101-EXQ Speaker Cables 2.5M
Shunyata Andromeda Speakers cable 2.5m
Totem Acoustic Hawk Floorstanding Speakers
Neat Acoustics Ultimatum MF7 Speakers
AMR AM-777 Integrated Amplifier
Triode TRV-A300SE Integrated Amplifier
Tannoy Revolution DC6T Speakers + Center Speaker
Pathos Acoustics Logos Integrated Amplifier
Meridian Sooloos Media Source 600, Media Drive 600
Art Audio Carissa Signature
NAD M51 Direct Digital DAC
Furutech Evolution Power II Power Cable 1.8m
HRS S1 19x21 Isolation Platform
Simon Yorke Design Record Player S9
Shunyata Hydra Triton V2 Power Conditioner
Shunyata King Cobra CX Series C15 1.8m
Aural Symphonics Purple V3 Speaker Cables 2.5m
Acrolink 6N-S5000 Speaker Cables Banana Connectors
Acrolink 6N-S5000 Speaker Cables Spade Connectors
Lavardin 1T Integrated Amplifier
AMR DP-777 D/A Processor - price reduced
Rega P5 TurnTable w/ Ortofon Quintet Red Cartridge
Triangle Art Osiris 12" Tonearm - price reduced
Neodio NR22 Transport + DAC
Neodio NR22 CD Player
Allnic Verito 'Z' MC Cartridge - price reduced
Audio Note Quest Silver Signature Mono Amplifier
Naim NAC202 Pre + NAP200 DR Power Amp
Ortofon A95 Cartridge
Solid Tech Hybrid Racks + Turntable Board
Parasound Halo P5 and A23 Pre + Power Amp (Bundle)
Pro Ac Studio 115 Speakers
Shunyata Alpha Analog C15 Power Cord 1.75M ex-demo
Linn Klimax LP 12 turntable
Audio Note Conqueror Stereo Power Amplifier
Gamut CD3 CD Player

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pre-owned items
Click on the desired item to see it in single view mode. Updated: 24.6.17

Reserved |  Sold |  Clearance

  Furutech Alpha 3 power cord 2.5 meters length
  JPS Digital AC-X Power Cord 2M
  Harmonix X-DC2 Poweer Cord 1.5Meter
  AMR Interconnects 1.0m pair
  Shunyata Anaconda Digital AES/EBU Cable
  Denon DL-103 Phono Cartridge Brand New
  EMT headshell
  Audience Ohno XLR Interconnect 1 Meter
  Clearaudio Statement record clamp
  Sablon Audio Panatela Reserva Jumpers (Bananas)
  AIM Shieldio Network Audio LAN Cable
  AudioNote Lexus LX-42 interconnect
  Mic-Cell Acustics Tri-Corner Traps
  Finite Elemente Cerapuc Isolators (set of 3)
  Mic-Cell Acustics Bass traps
  HRS Nimbus Assembly NA-100 (4 Sets)
  Mic-Cell Sound Absorption panel 2x4
  Mic-Cell Sound Absorption panel 4x4
  Audience AU24 Interconnect 1m
  Synergistic Research Black Quantum Fuse
  Acoustic Revive RR-77 Schumann Resonance wave Gen
  Harmonix TU-202ZX Tuning Feet, 1 Set Of 4
  Ortofon 2m Black
  Tara Labs The One AC Power Cord 20amp 1.2M
  Tara labs RSC Air 1
  Tubes for Leben RS100 Preamplifier
  FoQ DS-25 Remaster-Ring
  Shunyata Venom powercord - 1.5m
  Advance Acoustic Corner Sound Trap Panel
Soundcare Tuning Feet, Set of 4
Ceraball Ceramic Ball Isolator
Cardas Clear Light RCA Interconnect 1.5m
Cardas Golden Presence RCA Interconnect 1.5m
Furutech Evolution Power cord ll 1.8m
Audience PowerChord 6FT
Shunyata Python Helix VX 1.75M
Shunyata Taipan Helix Alpha 1.75M
Stein Music Inline Power 2 Signature
Shanling CD-A10T CD Player
The Chord Company Chameleon VEE3
Harmonix SYN-100 Tuning Feet (Set of 4)
Seymour AV Speaker Cables 3m pair
Shunyata Aries RCA Interconnect
JPS Labs Power AC+ Cord
Atlas Audio Voyager RCA Interconnect 1m pair
Acrolink 7N-DA2100 Digital Balanced Cable 1 Meter
AET SIN Jumpers Spade
Naim Stageline Phono Stage
Musical Fidelity A3 24 192K Unsampling DAC
  Audience Conductor Interconnect - 1.5m
Audience Au24 RCA Interconnects 1 Meter
Audio Note AN-VX 31 1 meter RCA interconnect
Harmonix Studio Master Power Cord 1.5 M
Harmonix Studio Master Wattgate Power Cord 1.5M

Reserved |  Sold |  Clearance

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