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Kuzma Stogi Reference Tonearm
VTF. Gone is the irritation of being unable to easily adjust the VTF without the use of a tracking force gauge. The counterweight is threaded on to the stub and has five red dots screen-printed on it to indicate where you are in relative terms. Initial VTF is set as normal using a tracking force gauge, but subsequent adjustments can be made with reference to the dots. By rotating the counterweight through one entire revolution you vary the tracking force by 0.5g ie each dot corresponds to 0.1g

VTA. This is adjusted by use of an allen key to release the arm from the sleeve that secures it in the arm board, an arrangement that all Linn owners will be familiar with.

Azimuth. There are two hexagonal nuts located on the top of the arm-tube that are "unlocked" to free up the mechanism which allows adjustment. A third hex nut, located on the side of the arm-tube, is then used to rotate the forward portion of the tube to achieve the desired orientation of the cartridge. The quality of machining is superb and it is difficult to see where the tube is divided, the only giveaway is the mark engraved across the division, it is this which allows repeatable settings

Anti-skate. Is the hanging weight variety and is simply adjusted by use of the supplied allen key (Frank Kuzma loves these things). The instructions contain a table, which correlate the distance the weight is positioned at to the anti-skate applied.

In Excellent Condition. Comes with intructional manual.

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