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McIntosh MCD1100 SACD/CD Player
MCD1100 SACD Disc Player, which is engineered to deliver extended functionality and maximum musical fidelity from CD, CD-R, CD-RW, SCACD, Hybrid SACD, MP3, and WMA stereo music discs. And, it doesn't require a separate preamplifier to deliver warm, rich and emotionally engaging sound from today's many digital music sources. The MCD1100 can be added to any existing system or used as a standalone component with a set of hThe advanced USB Audio digital input allows convenient access to music stored or streamed from a computer while also controlling popular computer audio programs. Five additional digital inputs allow connection to the Digital Audio outputs of CD changers, radio tuners, pro audio gear or music stored on Windows or Mac PCs. The USB digital input accepts audio data rates up to 32 bit/ 192kHz. Though, despite this connectivity, we have to wonder, why no WiFi for streaming computer or Internet-based content? For added convenience, when connected to a user’s favorite streaming music program, users may control and navigate from the handheld McIntosh remote.igh quality headphones.

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