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B&W 805 D2 Speakers
The 805 Diamond is a small, stand-mounted, two-way, vented-box speaker that weighs a fairly stout 26 pounds. The cabinet seems to be well damped. My unscientific test of running fingers on the various cabinet surfaces while playing steady heavy-beat music revealed relatively soft sympathetic vibrations. The top-mounted tweeter pod is further isolated from the main mid/woofer cabinet through a mounting bracket that includes a synthetic gel. This “floating” tweeter position also apparently allows for greater unimpeded dispersion and reduced cabinet-induced diffraction from the tweeter’s wavelaunch. The first-order network—optimized for simplicity—crosses over at 4kHz. Sensitivity is listed as 88dB (2.83V, 1m), the nominal impedance is eight ohms, and the stated frequency response is 49Hz–28kHz (-3dB).

Good conditions.

Come with original speakers stand.

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