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Pro Ac Studio 115 Speakers
ProAc proudly announce the launch of the Studio 115 all new compact monitor. The cabinet, drive units, crossover and terminals have all been upgraded from the previous model, the Studio 110 and a narrower cabinet front baffle has been utilised to aid dispersion and produce a bigger soundstage.

The cabinet features bitumous damping and the port tube for bass loading is now centrally located on the front baffle with the new bass driver. The new bass driver is manufactured from carbon filled polyproalene; A material which gives all the inherent advantages of cone stiffness such as a lucid bass quality and natural, detailed presentation. It is also an ideal material with which to minimise distortion characteristics and has contributed significantly to the success of the Studio 140 Mk 2.
The bass driver crosses over to a brand new tweeter developed by ProAc which has a special dome with air-cooling.
The crossover network components have been upgraded to seamlessly integrate the new drivers.
The Studio 115 is designed to work with all levels of quality equipment, from a modest set-up to a true high-end system, producing highly musical results in the true ProAc compact monitor tradition.

Very good condition. 4yrs+ and lovingly taken care.
Come with original box.

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