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Naim Nait 2 Intergrated Amplifier
Well-recorded acoustic instruments sounded grand through the Nait 2. With the recording of Schubert's Piano Quintet in A, "Trout," by Clifford Curzon and members of the Vienna Octet (LP, Decca/Speakers Corner SXL 2110), string textures were, as predicted from the above, thick rather than stringy, and saturation of timbral colors was average. That latter quality came as a surprise, as saturation hasn't been a strength I've associated with contemporary Naim products, despite their other undeniable strengths. Plucked notes from the double bass entirely lacked the sense of touch I get from the instrument through my Shindo electronics, but whatever may have been lacking in the tactile aspects of note attacks was more than made up for in the temporal rightness and realism brought to them by the Nait 2: This relatively inexpensive, 25-year-old amp rendered the musicians' tight, driving interplay utterly spellbinding.
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