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Cardas Audio Clear CG XLR Cable 1.5m
Cardas Clear Interconnect is our ultimate flagship model and a marvel of modern cable design, features our most advanced Matched Propagation Conductors.It bring noteworthy improvement in spatial imaging,dynamics,and low frequency impact while retaining the classic Cardas musicality.Clear Interconnect builds on over 30 years of Cardas Audio's relentless dedication to the perfection of high performance cables,Superior shielding and advanced air-tube suspension geometry result in an O>D> of .511, which necessitates the use of XRCA 13 adaptor for single-ended termination and re-designed CG XLR for Balance cables.More than anything,Clear Interconnect is musical. Tonal balance is completely neutral with unsurpassed speed and transparence. Each pair is made to order by our senior technicians.
Clear Interconnect works well at any length.
Like new condition with box.

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