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Shunyata Python Helix VX 1.75M
PowerSnakes series of award-winning design innovations and patented technologies are on display in the Python Helix Alpha. Shunyata Research’s patented matrix conductor geometries --previously applied only in the Anaconda power cables, are now integral design elements in the Python Helix Alpha and Python Helix VX. The intricate, hand-braided matrix conductor geometries used in both Python designs have proven their efficacy in top tier professional, consumer, review and trade applications.

Python Helix Alpha’s patented conductor geometry virtually eliminates the inductive reactance and EMI related noise that can contribute to a congested, slowed down and dull sounding system. The technology contained within the Python Helix Alpha improves Home Theater and Music systems by allowing them to resolve micro-detail while expressing the entire range of shifts in dynamic scale – all without sacrificing the natural tonal and textural elements in music or sound.
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