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Ortofon MC Rondo Cartridge - Red (Display Set)
Attention Jazz Lovers: The Ortofon Rondo Red is Your Cartridge!

Silky smooth, the Rondo Red is the perfect cartridge for long listening sessions. Sweet and rich, the Red leans towards the mellower side, giving every recording a relaxed sound that is infinitely easy on the ears. That’s not to say the Red sounds slow; it’s just not in a hurry. For best results, we recommend loading this cartridge over 100 Ohms.

The Rondo Series replaces several Kontrapunkt cartridges, bringing the outstanding sound quality of that vaunted series to a more affordable price point. The exotic looking bodies in the Rondo series are made in Japan, the precision-molded body created from a 55/45 mix of powdered wood and resin, a combination extremely effective at reducing resonance and vibration. The body is then lacquered with a Japanese Urushi coating endowing each Rondo with an intentionally random and gorgeously exotic finish.

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