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Neat Acoustics Ultimatum MF7 Speakers
The Neat acoustics Ultimatum MF7 floor standing loudspeakers adhere to the very same principles that mark out the Neat MF9 as such an outstanding achievement. The Neat Ultimatum MF7 ultra-rigid birch-plywood enclosure, unique baffle-decoupling technology, the dual 'isobaric' bass loading and use of twin EMIT ribbon-type super-tweeters are again employed to provide an enthralling listening experience.

The Neat acoustics Ultimatum MF7's are a multi-chamber, multi-driver enclosure constructed from Birch Plywood. It is, essentially, a two-way design, using four of Neat's 168mm main drivers, two of which have been re-designed to meet the demanding requirements of the ULTIMATUM range), a Focal 'inverted' titanium-dome tweeter, plus two super-tweeters

In good Condition. Just replace ALL Tweeters & Super Tweeters.

The item is no longer available for purchase.