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Shunyata Andromeda Speakers cable 2.5m, Price Drop
Shunyata Research�s Andromeda speaker cables are the ultimate expression of innovation and technology within the Helix Series speaker cable line. Although the Andromeda�s conductors sum up to a massive 7 gauge, their patented counter-rotating dual helix geometry gives them enormous advantages in terms of performance, flexibility and ease of use.
Unlike most massive copper-wire designs, the Andromeda will never sound slowed-down overly warm, fuzzy or indistinct. Rather, the Andromeda's propel sound and music with lightning quick transient signatures, pitch defined low-frequency accuracy and overwhelming dynamic impact. Normally these performance traits describe ribbon and silver conductor designs that sacrifice tonal and timbre realism in order to accentuate timing characteristics and immediacy in sound. The Andromeda's present the precise timing and dynamic elements of the best ribbon or silver conductor designs while preserving the body, weight and harmonic texture that are equally important to realistic sound reproduction.
*This speaker's cables was listed for $2600.00 and now drop to $1300.00

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