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Audio Note CDT-One/II
The CDT One/II is an ostensibly simple thing: Inside this front-loading model, a Philips L1210/S transport and its integral logic board are mounted atop three robust nylon pillars, themselves bolted to the floor of the steel chassis. (The casework used for various Audio Note components is somewhat modular: Each basic chassis size is used for a number of different products, enabling what appears to be a just-in-time manufacturing style.) Behind the aluminum faceplate is a second, larger logic board, made in-house and containing the basic user controls—buttons for open/close, stop, play/pause, back and forward skip—as well as the bits needed for communicating with the CDT One/II's rather basic remote-control handset.

A length of Audio Note's AN-V symmetrical-silver coaxial cable carries the digital signal to a small output board, which itself connects to both balanced (XLR) and single-ended (RCA) outputs. The last and largest element inside the CDT One/II is its power-supply board, which contains two separate mains transformers and three solid-state rectifiers.

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