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Audio Note DAC 2.1x Signature
This DAC is 18 bit resolution and uses the Analog Devices 1865N which is compatible with the 24-bit/96kHz DVD format. This means if you run your DVD-Audio player into the 2.1x sig it will truncate the signal to 18-bit resolution. The 2.1x sig uses a 6DJ8 tube in SRPP mode. The 6DJ8 provides a lot of choices when it comes to tube rolling. Something a bit different about this tubed DAC is that fact that the power supply is tubed also. It uses the 6X5 rectifier tube. This one too gives you lots of options for tube rolling.
The sounds are more focused. The images created became much sharper and more realistic in proportions. Another thing that jumped out at me was how much deeper the soundstage was using the 2.1x sig. The AH! projected a stage depth that was a solid 5 feet (or so) behind the speakers. The Audio Note's stage easily went back double that amount.
The 2.1x Signature DAC retained all of the detail without being overbearing or fatiguing in the least.

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