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Audio Note AN-J/LX Rosewood Speakers /w stand
The AN-J is the middle model in Audio Notes classic range of speakers. It is a rear ported design that likes to be used very close to a rear wall and even across the rooms corners. Several different versions are available, with upgraded drive units, crossover components and wiring as you go through the range, I’ve detailed these below.

The pair shown here are the entry level version, the AN-J/LX, and are finished in Rosewood. Their sound is immediate and dynamic (as you’d expect of a speaker with a claimed 93dB efficiency) with very natural tonality and remarkable bass extension for their size.

The speakers are now also available with blue coloured Hemp cones as well as the grey Paper bass/mid cones for an extra cost. The Hemp has an effortless sound, with lower colouration and greater midband resolution.

The cabinets are made from solid Plywood (except the AN-J/D Versions) and are available in a huge range of exceptionally high quality veneers.
In very good condition.

The item is no longer available for purchase.