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Shunyata Anaconda Zitron Power Cable C19
Outside of the world's most celebrated professional music studios and the most finely calibrated sound and music systems, the Anaconda represents only the promise of what is possible at the outer-reaches of ZiTron technology. The Anaconda holds a place as a reference-point for the industry, not just as a commercial success, but as a product with no compromise and a single purpose: to showcase the startling performance effects of a technology fully realized. Like the Python, the Anaconda uses VTX (hollow-core wire geometry) conductors. The ZiTron Anaconda also introduces special AC connectors developed and made exclusively for this model.
Due to the ZiTron Anaconda's top of the product range cost and performance, it must be considered an exclusive product for only the world's finest professional, critical and consumer systems. The ZiTron Anaconda will offer dramatic performance improvements used with virtually any system component. Even a single seven-gauge Anaconda placed on a critical source component, amplifier, Hydra or other power distributor will deliver an increase in dynamics, low-level resolution and clarity the likes of which no other power cord or exotic power conditioners can offer.

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