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Eagglestonworks Nico Speaker in White
The Nico enters the EgglestonWorks line as our first stand-mount/bookshelf speaker in many years. Unlike our past, rear-ported Monitors, Nico features front-porting to enable rear wall proximity; in short, this is one bookshelf speaker that actually excels when placed on a bookshelf!.

Aesthetically stunning, Nico’s true beauty lies in its exquisite sound quality. Spending some time with this little gem will reaffirm everything you love about listening to music. The immediacy and quickness of a small monitor is immediately apparent, but there is also a sense of limitless space that defies one’s expectations of a compact design. Simply put, Nico performs like a much larger and more expensive speaker, thanks in large measure to EgglestonWorks’ specification of drivers that are unique to Nico and Emma. For the first time in EgglestonWorks history, we have developed proprietary drivers which cannot be found in any other brand. The result is a seamless cohesion from lowest to highest frequencies, a level of performance not possible with “Off-the-shelf” components: a new chapter in our history begins.

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