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Shunyata Denali 2000/T
The DENALI 2000/T is Shunyata Research’s two-outlet reference power-distributor designed specifically for high-current applications such as amplifiers, projectors or electronics that are remote from the main system. The key feature of the DENALI 2000/T is the patent-pending QR/BB technology that noticeably improves the dynamic performance of high-current electronics. The 2000/T will also improve the performance of remotely located components that may benefit from the DENALI’s ability to improve dynamics while lowering the noise floor. The DENALI’s vertical form factor allows them to be placed in tight spaces — either close to the power source or right next to the components themselves, without the need for expensive floor stands. Multiple reviewer’s, recording professionals and customers have all confirmed the DENALI’s jaw-dropping improvements in system performance without the five-figure price tags or inconvenient placement challenges that often plague other power-conditioning products.

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