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CES 2005 Show Report by Cecil Tan
International CES 2005 at Las Vegas, NV, USA
5th to 8th Jan 2005

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You would by now have read a number of show reports of the Consumer Electronics Show 2005 on many of the online audiophile sites. Mine however, is a more focused overview of the brands that we represent that exhibited there. It is also a good indicator of some of the new products and models you can expect to see in our showroom in the near future.

Audio Note UK displayed in Peter Q's own words "our most expensive system ever". It consisted of the TT-3 Reference turntable, the new top-loading CDT-Two MK.2 digital transport (soon to be released) partnered with the DAC 5, the M-8 preamp (reference tube preamp with external tube rectified power supply), their version of the legendary Ongaku Single-Ended triode power amp and driving a pair of AN-E/SEC Silver speakers.

Audio Note TT-3 Turntable

Audio Note CDT Two Mk2 & Ongaku

Audio Note AN-E/SEC Silver speakers

The presentation is, as usual, very low key and relaxed. Everything from the music they played, to the casual setup (no proper audio rack, no power conditioners, no tweaks) speaks of their understated confidence as a mature and well established marque that feel that they no longer have anything to prove to anyone.

Audiopax demonstrated a new tube power amplifier called the Model 99 , which combines the award-winning Model 88 monoblock into a single chassis and still retains their highly acclaimed Timbre Lock feature. According to Eduardo De Lima, Audiopax's designer and owner, the Model 99's new circuit also enables it to drive more difficult loads thus making it more user friendly.

Audiopax also displayed a new look Model 5 preamp that compliments the appearance of the Model 99. The sound quality in their room was excellent, to say the least. Driving their own Reference 100 speakers, it was definitely among my top 3 favorite rooms of the show. Everything was so 'right' and well balanced, it was extremely difficult to find any faults in their sonic presentation. It was musical with a capital M.

47 Labs was present in full force, displaying almost every model in their product range. The highlight was of course, the US$25,000 Pitracer CD transport. The sound in that room was uniquely 'alive' and rhythmic, without any trace of 'solid state' artifacts. It was truly one of the few all transistor combinations that I can sit down and enjoy without any reservations.

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