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International Sound & Sight Exhibition 2003
Le Meridien Hotel Singapore
19th - 21st November 2004

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Totem Acoustic Forest speakers being driven by Audiopax Model 88 Single-Ended
monoblocks. An awesome combination.

Close-up of the beautifully chrome-plated Audiopax Model 88 monoblock

A good view of the front end. Digital source was handled by
the 47 Labs Shigaraki CDT and Audio Note DAC 2.1x Balanced on the right.
The Nottingham Spacedeck on the left handled all the analogue grooves.

Close-up of the cute, retro chic Shigaraki CDT, seen with its external
power supply encased in the unique Shigaraki ceramic

Close-up of the latest Nottingham Spacedeck with matching Ace Spacearm
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