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International Sight and Sound Exhibition 2007 Report
International Sight and Sound Exhibition 2007
16th Nov to 18th Nov 2007

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For this year’s show, we had as usual 2 rooms to demo 2 different audio systems. It has always been our intention to demo a good ‘value for money’ system in one room, and showcase a more serious ‘no holds barred’ setup in another. Judging from the very positive feedback we got from numerous show-goers, I feel we have more than accomplished our objective!

Overall View of Room #1

In the above Room One, we had the following system:

  • Digital source – Reimyo CDT-777 and DAP-77
  • Analogue source – Dr. Feickert Analog Twin turntable, Triplanar tonearm and Transfiguration Orpheus MC cartridge.
  • Preamp – Air Tight ATE-2001
  • Power amps – Air Tight ATM-211 SET monoblock
  • Speakers – Avantgarde Meta Picco
  • Audio rack – Grand Prix Audio Monaco Modular and Amp Stands
  • Power Conditioner – Audience adaptResponse aR12p
  • Digital cable – Harmonix HS-102
  • Interconnects – Harmonix HS-101 GP
  • Speaker cables – Shunyata Andromeda
  • Power cords – Various Shunyata Powersnakes and Harmonix Studio Master for power amps.

New for this year was the Reimyo digital combination that has been receiving rave reviews recently. I must say that it is by far the best sound that I ever achieved at any hifi show from a CD source!

Also making its debut is the Dr. Feickert Twin turntable. A gorgeous piece of engineering art (especially when matched with the equally impressive Triplanar arm), it produced music that mesmerized many show goers. I noticed quite a few that stayed in the room for many minutes or came back for a second or third listen when the turntable was playing. I expect it to be a big hit when the reviews start coming in!

We could not resist bringing in the Avantgarde Meta Picco for this year’s show, as it has received extremely good response when we demoed it in our showroom. It looks very attractive with its very well built wooden cabinet that gives it a more domesticated look, as compared to their earlier ‘industrial’ look.

I admit that there were some problems with demonstrating a speaker like the Meta Picco (with dual 12” woofers per channel) in a small hotel room. The sound was a little bass heavy at times, especially for those who were cramped near the corridor entrance and near the side walls. However, with some judicious tuning of the woofer amplifier modules and application of some of Harmonix’s fantastic tuning devises under some components, we managed to get a pretty nice balance if we may say so ourselves. Good enough for many show goers to comment (unofficially, of course) that our room had the best sound of the show!

Reimyo CDT-777, DAP-777 and Audience AdaptResponse
on Grand Prix Monaco rack


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