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International Sight and Sound Exhibition 2009
13th Nov to 15th Nov 2009

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We were fortunate enough to get a bigger room this year, and decided to go for broke so to speak, and make as big an impact as we could. In the past, we were a little hampered by the size (or lack) of the room we exhibited in, often getting extremely positive comments from those who managed to get proper seats near the centre, while some brickbats from those who were stuck at the sides or who hovered near the entrance. Well, this year there were no excuses as there was more than enough space for everyone who enjoyed serious high quality music.

None of the equipment we exhibited was exactly brand new but we showcased for the first time the massive DUO Mezzo horn speakers from Avantgarde Acoustic, and also the very impressive TW Acustic Raven AC turntable both from Germany. Paired with the Raven AC was a top-of-the-line Helius Omega Ruby tonearm and Air Tights’ PC-3 MC cartridge. We had the entry-level Helius Aurora as the 2nd arm.

This year’s emphasis was on the use of the world renowned Harmonix accessories, and we had some advice from Mr. Harmonix himself, K. Kiuchi from Japan on how to properly treat our complete system. As you can see from the photos, every component was supported by Harmonix tuning accessories, and all signal cables and power cords this year were supplied by Harmonix. To say that they made a difference would probably be the understatement of the year!

Overall view of the demo system

The following equipment was featured during the exhibition:

  • Analogue source – TW Acustic Raven AC, Helius Omega Ruby tonearm and Air Tight PC-3 cartridge.
  • Digital source – Reimyo CDT-777 transport and DAP-999EX DAC.
  • Preamp – Air Tight ATE-2001
  • Power amps – Air Tight ATM-211 monoblock
  • Speakers – Avantgarde DUO Mezzo • Power conditioner – Shunyata Hydra 8 V2
  • Audio rack – HRS SXR 3 tier (2 sets)
  • Digital cable – Harmonix HS-102
  • Interconnects – Harmonix HS-101 GP
  • Speaker cable – Harmonix HS-101 SLC
  • Power cords – Harmonix Studio Master
  • Tuning accessories – Harmonix TU-606Z footers, RF-999MT MKII spike bases, CR-4107 Core Ring, AC Enacom, TU-812 MKII record clamp and TU-800EXi record mat.

Though the shape of the room resulted in uneven distances from the speakers to the wall for the left and right channels, and with pillars at the sides jutting out into the room, the ability to fine tune the bass response of the Avantgarde speakers to achieve very even tonal and channel balances. This is something that I doubt could be achieved with conventional speakers.

Close-up of the electronics

Unlike previous years, we experienced very fast and clean bass response from the speakers inspite of the presence of twin 12’ bass drivers per side. Though we played a range of music from violin concertos, jazz, vocal arrangements and even the occasional full orchestral piece, the system never lost control of the music and seemed to impress a number of show goers, many of whom kept coming back to the room to spend more time enjoying our system.

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