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Charity Auction for Japan Disaster Relief Fund 2011

In an effort to provide relief to the people of Japan whose have experienced one of the worst disasters in their history, Audio Note Singapore organised a charity bidding event starting from 18 to 24 March 2011. The total proceeds (100% of bid ammout) went to the Singapore Red Cross for Japan Disaster Relief Fund.

On behalf of the team from Audio Note Singapore, I would like to thank all those who participated in this meaningful fund raising charity bidding.

As of 5:00 PM on 24th March 2011 (Thursday), we have raised S$13,233 in total from this event.

A cheque of S$13,233 was presented to the Singapore Red Cross Society for Japan Disaster Relief Fund 2011.

An Acknowledgement Slip (click on link to view photo) was issued by the Red Cross Staff.

Desmond Poon (Audio Note Singapore)

Results of the Charity Bids
Products Bids Bidder's Names
Harmonix speaker Enacom $108 Andy
Harmonix AC Enacom $88 Andy
Harmonix TU666zx $988 Teo
Harmonix RF999MT $1199 Luis
FoQ TA52 Damping strip $50 Chua
FoQ SH-21 Damping pad $120 Chua
FoQ DS-25 Rremastering Ring $30 Tay
Ortofon DS-1 digital gauge $140 Chong
Zero Dust $100 Theodor
Zero Dust $100 Kelvin
Transfiguration Axia $750 Chong
Tri Japan TRV 300SE $2500 Han
Leben CS 300 XS $3554 Rick
Harmonix X-DC2AC $700 Wong
Harmonix Studio Master $1033 Issac
Harmonix TU-606Z Tuning Feet $933 Huang
Harmonix Core Ring CR-4107 $800 Weldon
Zero Dust $40 Chua


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