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High End 2008 (Munich) Show Report by Cecil Tan / Page 1
High End 2008 at Munich, Germany
24th to 27th April 2008

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This year’s Munich High End Show was bigger and better than ever, with more exhibits and bigger rooms being used. Apart from the traditional European brands, I notice that more American companies are also paying attention to this event. Though much smaller than the CES, it is a lot more focused on high end audio and dare I say it, a lot better organized.

A couple of not so surprising trends that were very evident at the show was the continued proliferation of tube amplification and turntables. The health of the analogue playback market must be extremely healthy, judging by the appearance of many brand new manufacturers featuring products with some pretty ambitious pricing!

Here are some photos and comments of some of the highlights for me. As is usual for me, there’s also a ‘turntable lust’ section showcasing all that is weird and wonderful in vinyl land.


Air Tight had a static display of most of their wares this year.

From top to bottom, ATM-1A, ATE-2001 main section, ATE-2001 power supply section

One half of the ATM-211 monoblock

ATM-300 single-ended triode amplifier

2 new cartridges, the new entry level PC-3
and the new top model called PC-1 Ultimate (what else?).

Close-up view of the PC-1 Ultimate

Avantgarde Acoustic had a much bigger room this year and was able to present a much more impressive display featuring most of their top-selling models. Sound quality too was much improved over last year, not that it was bad in the first place!

DUO Mezzo with silver gray horns.

Side view of the DUO Mezzo, with DUO Grosso and DUO Omega in the background.

The Nano, Avantgarde’s smallest model so far.

TRIO with triple Basshorns, an awesome sight to behold!

Front view of the Basshorns.

The new Model 3 integrated amplifier.

Model One DC powered reference preamp.

Model 2 Phono, Avantgarde’s brand new DC powered phono stage.

A partial view of the inside of the Model 2 Phono.

The companion Model 2 DAC, another brand new product from Avantgarde Acoustic


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