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The Munich High End show has firmly established itself as the most well organised and publicised audio show in the world, and the destination to aim for if you just have time for one show a year. This year, the show continues to grow ever bigger with lots of new companies showcasing their products to dealers and end-users alike, while the all the big name brands have an established presence there, as expected.

While there are tons of speakers, amplifier products and accessories a plenty, the trend that I notice is the huge explosion of all things analogue – from turntables of all shapes and sizes, to interesting cartridge designs and ever more innovative tonearms. Whether they actually serve to improve sound quality, they are certainly candy for the eyes!

We present a photo gallery that highlights all the interesting exhibits during the show.

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Avantgarde Acoustic





New this year for Reed is a smaller, simplified version of their successful Muse 3C turntable called the 2C. Instead of the 3C’s unique ability to switch from belt drive to friction drive, the 2C features a fixed friction drive mechanism and mounting for a single tonearm. Due to the rotating arm mount, it can accommodate anything from 9”to 12”arms.