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Charity Auction for Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund 2015

As part of an effort by Audio Note Singapore to contribute to the the humanitarian relief for the victims of Nepal Earthquake, a charity auction was conducted from 29th April to 4th May 2015.

This charity auction for Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund (under Singapore Red Cross) has raised a total sum of SGD12,420.00 after the auction was closed. We would like to thank all for your participation in this charity auction to assist the people of Nepal during this calamity.

A cheque of SGD12,420.00 was presented to the Singapore Red Cross and the receipt is posted here as shown (click on image for larger view).


Below is the table showing the successful bidders of the charity auction.

No. Product Highest Bid
1 Duevel Planet Floorstanding Speaker 1280 Jeffrey Goh
2 Enacom AC Line Audio Noise Eliminators 90 Andrew
3 Enacom Speaker Audio Noise Eliminators 110 Elvin
4 Harmonix RF909X MKII Tuning Feet 620 Eric
5 Harmonix RFA-80i Room Tuning Mini Disk 700 Lim Leong Seng
6 Harmonix SYN-100 Tuning Feet 500 MC
7 Harmonix TU-606Z Tuning Feet 850 WK
8 Ortofon 2M Blue Cartridge 230 KC Tan
9 Ortofon 2M Red Cartridge 110 RT Tan
10 Ortofon DS-3 Digital stylus pressure gauge 110 Juju
11 Ortofon MC Quintet Blue Cartridge 360 L Seow
12 Ortofon MC Quintet Bronze Cartridge 680 Loh Heng Loong
13 Shunyata Venom 3 Powercord - 1.5m 200 KS
14 Shunyata Venom HC C19 Powercord - 1.75m 370 Peter
15 Shunyata Venom PS-8 Power Conditioner 700 Peter
16 Shunyata Venom USB cable - 1.5m 210 Alvin
17 Shunyata Ztron Alpha Analog Powercord - 1.75m 820 Chai Koh Kui
18 Shunyata Ztron Alpha HC Powercord - 1.75m 1300 Kelvin
19 Solid Tech Hybrid 3 Tier Rack 1180 Jeffrey Goh
20 Stillpoint Ultra SS 780 See H H
21 Triode TRV-84 HD MKII Headphone Amplifier 1220 CN Tan


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