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The historic town of Versailles was host to the inaugural Devialet distributors and dealers conference which was hosted at the grand Trianon Palace Waldorf Hotel. Nearly 70 distributors and dealers from all around the world was treated to the finest French hospitality.

Why Versailles? Well three of Devialet’s founders coincidentally grew up locally (I subsequently found out some other staff members also came from this town)! So in a sense, by hosting the first international distributors and dealers in Versailles, became a ‘homecoming’ for Devialet as well!

Furthermore, the Versailles Palace was the seat of French monarchy starting from the reign of King Louis XIV and his descendents. This palace is perhaps the most opulent and grandest in all Europe! Visitors to Paris would have missed something very important if they did not get the chance to visit and see Versailles Palace themselves!

Over two days at the end of April, senior management of Devialet shared with distributors and dealers all that is new forthcoming in the Devialet universe… over 2016/17. Unfortunately, we all had to sign NDAs so we are not yet able to share much information at this time.

Of course Devialet is not a company that sit on their laurels, and are also quite self-aware of customer’s criticism, and will of course work to address their customer’s peeves. At this time we can only say the next generation of Devialet products will come closer to perfection than ever before. The prototypes we were able to experience point towards exciting times ahead! The new sound had clearly improved from current models, and takes performance up the next step with conviction.

Please keep a close watch at this web page in the up-coming weeks and months as we get clearance from Devialet on progressive announcements of various new products and important firmware updates!

Meanwhile we are very glad to share a photo gallery of photos from this trip. Enjoy!

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