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Seymour AV Speaker Cables 3m pair
When we set out to develop a cable offering, we focused on low capacitance, low resistance, dampened, and robust materials. These cables are designed and tested against others costing $600 and up, with all the performance and without the snake oil. We had three fundamental issues that we thought had to be addressed to make the best quality cables but at lean pricing:

Better Connectors. We've played with dozens of different connector designs out there from the generics that accumulate around the shop to cables that cost more than projectors. On the low end, we were obviously unsatisfied that the connectors were fragile and barely strong enough to hold themselves in the jack. On the high end, we were extremely unsatisfied that we paid big bucks on massive cables and were forced to endure screw-post connectors that were either not properly aligned to the terminals or easily came loose. They've since been "Audiogoned," and we've learned that better can be had for less.
Better Conductors. We found the highest performance-for-the-buck conductors for our new cables. Our speaker cables use a quad construction with diagonally opposing conductors. The 11ga quad design places every conductor equidistant from the center of the cable so the magnetic fields cancel themselves out. This reduces the EMI radiated from your speaker lines into nearby low voltage audio and video cables.
Our analog audio interconnects use a single solid 18ga pure copper conductor, and our video and digital interconnects use a stranded 22ga pure copper conductor.

Foam Dielectric. Air is the best quality dielectric, but the only way to keep a consistent dielectric across the cable is to use foam. Foam dielectrics offer great mechanical isolation and yield the highest performance available for the money.

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