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HRS Nimbus Assembly NA-100 (4 Sets)
Playing Hernando’s Hideaway from Ella Fitzgerald’s Sings Broadway, I was very impressed by the immense focus that suddenly appeared with all four HRS Nimbus units in place. The entire soundstage appeared to have been slouching before. Now? Everything seemed alert and to be paying attention. All parts of the soundstage was nimble, on the ball and ready to roll. That’s how the sound quality seemed to be, in general terms. Specifically, saxophones offered an extra textural feel to the detail, cymbal work had a new crisp nature, castanets emerged with extra precision while the entire orchestra bathed in a impressive emphasis. Brass, meanwhile, was tonally correct but it also exuded a midrange insight that swung like crazy. The essence of all of this was a successful reduction in background noise that removed a veil from the entire arrangement and gave the music movement and energy.

In Excellent Condition. Comes with original box

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