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More For Less, Devialet Latest Phantom
3 November 2017

New Phantom. New Heights.

Strongly committed to designing premium desirable yet affordable products, Devialet is now
embedding its latest technologies into Phantom, its original product, whilst offering it at a revised price.
Phantom is now 60% more powerful and reaches an impressive 101 dB.
Every Phantom benefits from this increase of power thanks to the EVO platform, through a simple
FW update (released on October 31st).
Continuous research in further increasing the power efficiency of the ADH amplification and the power supply made this possible, validated by thorough life tests of several months at full power.
On top of this, the new Phantom now integrates Gold Phantom's highly advanced electronic board, thereby improving significantly its sound amplification capabilities. As a result, Phantom is able to reach
1,200 W of peak power whilst distorsion is being divided by two.

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