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International Sound & Sight Exhibition - Day One
2 December 2017

First day of the show and the crowd was overwhelming. All listening intently to the music that flows from the system.

A magical system filled with immersive energy. Never heard the Raidho D1.1 sounded so good. So much energy with ultra high resolution.

Thanks to Lars Kristensen of Ansuz for creating the magic for us with his Ansuz DTC cabling and Aavik amplifier . Really appreciate him flying all the way from Denmark to assist us in the Singapore audio show.

The system comprise of Dohmann Helix One turntable , Frank Schroeder CB arm, Lyra cartridge, Audio Note CDT 5 transport, HRS racks , Aavik new U150 amplifier, Raidho D1.1 diamond series speakers and lots of Ansuz DTC cabling and the new DTC Mainz8 distributor box.

Someone asked about the price . Well , its all relative. But the experience of listening and feeling the music , is definitely priceless.

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