This is not a speaker. This is Phantom.

Forget what you think you know. Far more than a connected speaker, plug and play Phantom to trigger an intense emotional experience. Encounter the physical impact of a high-end ultra-dense sound. Instantly. With power, clarity and precision unlike anything you’ve heard before. Revolutionary. Hi-Fi, docks, speakers, home cinema. Wireless, bluetooth, multiroom. Phantom obliterates all existing systems.

With peak wattage of 4500 Watts, 108 decibels of sound pressure, zero background noise and zero distortion, Gold Phantom is the absolute demonstration of Devialet design and engineering. An obsession for excellence that pushes sound to new levels.

To create unforgettably beautiful listening experiences that are totally addictive.


Danish Bakin’

By Roy Gregory | May 11, 2019 Raidho Acoustics is a company with a short but undeniably colorful history, its founders combining a talent for self-promotion with driver technology as ...
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Chinese/Canto Vinyls Appreciation

It's another special occasion again. This time we are inviting you to bring your Chinese or canto lps to revive your memories of that era. Do join us then ...
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Grand Prix Audio New Monza 3D Modular Audio Rack

The new Monza 3D modular support system, a rack system replaces Monaco, offering better performance, better value, improved practically and greater versatility ...
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BØRRESEN 05 Floor standing Loudspeaker

The BØRRESEN 05 is the latest development from Michael Børresen. Though specifications are not yet public, this big loudspeaker has completely taken the breath away from the audience in the ...
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New Solid-Tech Hybic Wood Audio Rack

Hybrid Wood here in Walnut and Concrete shelves. The Concrete material is selected due to its excellent audio characteristics and high density that will increase the rack's stability. Unlike the ...
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Etsoru -Urushi Etsoru Gold Phono Cartridge

The Etsuro Gold represents the top of the MC cartridge models and has been created to provide supreme sensation to the audiophiles around the world. Faithful to the basic engineering, ...
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