This is not a speaker. This is Phantom.

Forget what you think you know. Far more than a connected speaker, plug and play Phantom to trigger an intense emotional experience. Encounter the physical impact of a high-end ultra-dense sound. Instantly. With power, clarity and precision unlike anything you’ve heard before. Revolutionary. Hi-Fi, docks, speakers, home cinema. Wireless, bluetooth, multiroom. Phantom obliterates all existing systems.

With peak wattage of 4500 Watts, 108 decibels of sound pressure, zero background noise and zero distortion, Gold Phantom is the absolute demonstration of Devialet design and engineering. An obsession for excellence that pushes sound to new levels.

To create unforgettably beautiful listening experiences that are totally addictive.


Avantgarde Acoustic Hornloudspeaker TRIO LUXURY EDITION 26 Event

Avantgarde Acoustic Hornloudspeaker TRIO LUXURY EDITION 26 In conjunction with its 25th anniversary, Avantgarde has just released a Limited Edition of the Trio (Only 25 sets worldwide.) Audio Note Singapore ...
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Devialet Chinese New Year Promotion

DISCOUNT ON AN ACCESSORY OF YOUR CHOICE FOR THE PURCHASE OF 1 PHANTOM PREMIER (except Gold Phantom Opera) : Phantom Gold = 480$ Phantom Silver = 280$ Phantom White = ...
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Avantgarde Acoustic New UNO FINO Edition Arrival.

Reduction not always means simply omitting something. Reduction also creates awareness for essential things. Or simply put: reduction is concentration. In this sense, the UNO Fino Edition is designed as ...
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The Avantgarde Acoustic TRIO LUXURY EDITION No.12 Of 26 Arrival.

The TRIO from Avantgarde Acoustic is probably the most exhilarating speaker system of all time. An enduring icon of supreme craftsmanship and infinite precision. It has become an internationally recognized ...
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ANSUZ X SERIES CABLES AND POWER CONDITIONER by Nicholas Ripley Dec 11, 2018 When it comes to gnomic discussions about cables, Ansuz gets close to winning the prize. Normally, when ...
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Devialet Expert Pro WorkShop 2018

Devialet Expert Pro WorkShop 2018 You came, you saw, and you conquered. Last Saturday was an interesting gathering. Thank you so much for coming and participating on the Devialet Expert ...
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