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Ortofon MC Rondo Cartridge - Blue (Display set)
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Ortofon's Rondo Blue Gets the Music Right!

Middle of the Rondo Series, the Rondo Blue is super smooth, with excellent resolution and a neutral tonal balance. The Rondo Blue has a lively and detailed presentation, a bit more open and dynamic than the Rondo Red. The Blue’s more responsive FG70 stylus rides deeper in the groove, unveiling previously obscured detail and creating a large, well-defined soundstage.

"I've reviewed several Ortofons in the last ten years and found they begin at excellent and go up from there. The Rondo Blue is an under-a-grand pickup that offers many of the advantages of higher-priced moving coils without breaking the bank. Enthusiastically recommended both for its terrific value and its obvious overall excellence. And there is its wonderful way with voices."
- Paul Seydor, The Absolute Sound, January 2010

The Rondo Series replaces several Kontrapunkt cartridges, bringing the outstanding sound quality of that vaunted series to a more affordable price point. The exotic looking bodies in the Rondo series are made in Japan, the precision-molded body created from a 55/45 mix of powdered wood and resin, a combination extremely effective at reducing resonance and vibration. The body is then lacquered with a Japanese Urushi coating endowing each Rondo with an intentionally random and gorgeously exotic finish.

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