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PurePower 1050 AC Power Regenerator & Battery Back
- Your ability to get more life and more performance from your system improves when you have it plugged into a PurePower• 1050 AC regeneration device.
- If you can get your front projector plugged into a PurePower•, you will avoid the possibility that your system could lose power and cause significant damage to your bulb or the actual projector.
- Battery backup allows your system to have a chance to be shut down softly, without the jolt of losing power or struggling through a brownout.
- The incremental improvement, with each component getting clean, accurate power, isn't inconsequential when you add up the effect across your entire system.
-No component benefits more than your amplifier from the PurePower•, as it needs the most power in your rack by a large margin. Tubes shine more and solid state amps sound more dynamic and quick. Don't believe your ears? Plug the amps back into the wall and do an A-B test to hear the difference. It's not subtle.

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