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Audio Note Pallas Interconnect Digital Cable 1m
Pallas is designed for high transfer ability and low capacitance, intended for use between moving coil transformers and pre-amplifier inputs, and to a lesser extent, between CD transports and DACs. From inside to outside, it is pure silver foil coated in Palladium, an air dialectric in a plastic tube, a silk stocking and finally a braided sheath. This form of construction may be going for audio glory but it is hard to make and as a consequence availability is, says Audio Note, somewhat limited. You can have Pallas without a screen terminated with either AN-P silver plated RCA plugs, or screened with XLR plugs. Mine is the unscreened variety with AN-Ps. I put it between a CDT Three and a 4.1 Balanced DAC.
Pallas allows my Audio Note system to perform with an enhanced swagger, somehow conveying rhythm more convincingly, with more bottom-end clarity, and a greater sense of air and openness.

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