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Audio Note Ankoru Single-Ended 845 Tube Power Amp.
The Audio Note Ankoru amplifier was developed with a significant amount of power, but maintain the purity and continuity of the signal (Musical Waveform).
The output valve chosen would not only be able to make good power figures, but would also have to sound "right". The fruits of our research led us to the large enveloped 845 Power Triode. This valve was originally designed for audio purposes (unlike the valves used in many of today's designs) and is extremely linear to convey the most subtle nuance in the music, to the most powerful crescendo.
Single-Ended 845 Triode output stage
Pure Class A operation
Zero Negative Feedback
300B driver tube
Valve rectification & choke regulated power supply
Pure silver signal wiring
Balanced and single-ended inputs
Interstage transformer coupling
Custom-wound output transformer
70 watts per channel RMS.
* In decent condition. No box.

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