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The New Avantgarde UNO FINO EDITION
23 August 2018

Introducing The New UNO FINO EDITION

The statement was the following:
Some customers were looking for a smaller and cheaper model of the Uno to install in a small/medium listening room.
The Zero TA was then recommended but some customers wanted to focus on a more traditional look and choose their horn color and enclosure finishing.

So Avantgarde did it!

This model is strongly inspired from the Uno XD in a more compact enclosure and at a more affordable price.
1) We reduced the height of the enclosure using only 1 x 10 Bass driver.
2) We included a Bass reflex technology (oriented at the bottom of the speaker, to avoid any parasite reflection of the back wall - especially in a small room)
3) We kept the same 5 midrange driver and exactly the same 500 mm mid horn
4) We equipped the speaker with a new 25 mm tweeter for a very raffinate nor precise performance.
5) We kept the power amplifier technology and the same 10 Band parametric DSP but used only 1 power module of 500 W (like in the Zero TA)
6) We kept the XD line genuine Core technology of the XD line : Omega Driver, CDC technology - No Crossover on the mid-range, patented CPC. Optional Wooden Veneer and finishing are possible.

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