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Devialet Phantom Review: The Most Striking Audiophile-Grade Wireless Speaker, Upgraded and More Affordable Than Ever Before
23 August 2018



Devialet’s first wireless speaker, the Phantom, was released in 2015 to almost universal acclaim. Its semi-spherical design, which looked like a high-tech vacuum or a drone from the Tom Cruise film Oblivion, was the result of 10 years of R&D and 88 patents. The speaker had two drivers in front, one midrange and one tweeter, and two huge woofers along its sides that pulsate in perfect symmetry, not unlike a heartbeat, to evenly pump bass in all directions. Most importantly, it produced high-res sound with “no saturation, no distortion and no background noise” — the company’s tagline — that was praised by famed musicians and audiophiles alike.

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