Miyajima Lab – Destiny- new!

Among many experiments, I learned that there is an important relationship between the needle pressure of the cartridge and the weight of the main body.
However, it was not a good thing if it was heavy, but we needed ingenuity of material and structure.
The completed sound is a balance like an isosceles triangle.
The bass is thick and tight.
Mid-range is firmly insisted.
A treble that has no useless resonance is realistic.
Sound separation is the best ever.
It is feeling that all the performers are putting their feet on the ground.
The sound image is stable, there is spreading and depth and presence.
When you finish listening to the LP, you will feel like clapping players unintentionally.

Destiny of the stereo cartridge used bamboo cantilever and LC solid diamond stylus.
Bamboo cantilever is tapered.
It is light and strong by careful processing.

Until now, we have weighted the head shell and adjusted the weight with a spacer.
However, it seems to be a little different from when we heavy the cartridge body.

Low-frequency energy is strong.
I would like to listen to drums and bass’ s Arco style all the time.
Vocals are fresh.
There is little sense of distortion, and it reproduces to very small sounds.
By making the body heavy, the extra sound generated by the intense movement of the needle point is gone.
Since the self weight of the cartridge became heavier, it is necessary to select the arm, but it was able to demonstrate the merit of the cross ring method to the maximum.



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