The Ear reviews Shunyata’s Ethernet cables

Chris Kelly of The Ear reviews Shunyata’s ethernet cable range, starting with Venom all the way to the top-of-the-range Sigma ethernet cable featuring 2 Common Mode filters and Telegärtner connectors ...
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Raidho TD2.2 Loudspeaker

Raidho takes its name from Norse mythology and the 'journey of life', and in the right system these TD2.2 floorstanders have every chance of completing your path to the ultimate ...
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Shunyata Sigma NR V2

Shunyata Research Sigma NR v2 Power Cord/ The Absolute Sound

"A friend recently asked me, because of the silver in the VTX-Ag conductor, whether its signature was on the analytical side of the equation or the “warmer and richer” side ...
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Robert Harley reviews Everest and Omega XC

Everest and Omega XC receive TAS 2020 Product of the Year Award in the Power Category! “The Everest 8000 and Omega XC have become essential parts of my reference system.” ...
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Raidho TD 4.2

Impressions: The Raidho TD 4.2 Loudspeaker

"It's obvious to me that the Raidho Acoustics TD 4.2s are transformational as far as my perception of Raidho is concerned. These are truly world-class reference loudspeakers, and impressed me ...
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Stereophile Recommended Components: Fall 2020 Edition

Döhmann Audio Helix One Mk2 Compared with the original Helix, which MF reviewed in Vol.40 No.3, the Helix One Mk2 has been redesigned, and it now incorporates Döhmann's Minus ...
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Audio Note Vindicator Silver and M2 Phono

"In such instrumental passages, the aforementioned "Audio Note Punch" becomes particularly clear: Individual notes - even harmonics of guitar chords - are present as if they had received an extra ...
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The 2020 SoundStages! Networks Product Of The Year

Shunyata Research Hydra Alpha A12 power conditioner, by Jeff Fritz (SoundStage! Ultra, April 2020): “It lowered the noise floor of my audio system, letting me experience cleaner sound with ...
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Air Tight ATM-300R Power Amplifier The Power of the First Watt/ The Absolute Sound

"The Air Tight ATM-300R wowed me with countless hours of listening pleasure. It consistently brought to life the full sonic promise of the 300B, and fully justified its reference appellation ...
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Miyajima Labs Infinity Mono Cartridge

Fortunately, the Miyajima is a cartridge that you can most emphatically fall in love with to your heart’s content. It brings happiness with peace, a blissful sense that a summit ...
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