Our History

We commenced business in 1993 with the goal to bring great sound systems to satisfy the needs of audiophiles, especially those starting out on their passion. We were the first company to popularise Australian audio brands like Moratori and Micrex in Singapore where almost everything we brought in – from speakers to amplification to tuning devices and cables. At our first audio show in 1993, we were able to produce a jaw-dropping type of sound that was dynamic and real. It was no surprise the first audio show we participated in was a success, and there has been no looking back since.

We have evolved through the past 25 years: we have gone on to make available in the Singapore market internationally acclaimed brands. Today, hifi.com.sg distributes over 20 brands from over the world, and we have set up a repute for having tremendous support and customer service.

We have helped customers starting out to put together a basic sound system and also audiophiles who have invested in high-end sound equipment but are seeking that something extra in the quality of sound. Then, there are those who are continually exploring the realm of high-end audio. To satisfy the needs of each segment, we have brought together a plethora of audio systems and accompanying components for anyone to stage quality sounds at any budget.

hifi.com.sg is proud to celebrate our 25th anniversary from November 2018. Over the years, we are known for distributing relatively new names to help them break into the scene, and more significantly, for being associated with established brands since we grew and distributed them exclusively, over the decades. We’d like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all our customers and partners for their support and look forward to your continued partnership in the coming years.

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