Acoustic Revive Acoustic Conditioner RWL-3 Panel


Acoustic Revive Acoustic Conditioner RWL-3 Panel



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Price for 2 unit.

Diffuses reflection and sounds from speaker ideally by its special material ditch which has different depth.

RWL-3`s ditch has been designed by computer analysis and listening test. Also carefully calculated curve will diffuse sound in wide space compared from other diffusing type room tuning panels.

The high-tech natural silk material and special foam material which contains Tourmaline releases negative ion which will make the sound very smooth and materializes excellent sound quality. 

RWL-3 only tune and diffuses sound ideally so it does not kill sound like sound absorbing type room tuning such as glass wool, thick chemical fiber and room tuning using the Helmholtz principal.

You have to remember that any sound which has been absorbed will never come back again.

Sound absorbing type room tuning takes away musically necessary elements such as feeling of energy a feeling of throbbing pulse.

RWL-3 only eliminates unwanted elements like reflection, flatter echo and standing wave so the sound released by the speaker becomes very clear and at the same time, feeling of sound volume and energy will increase. 

Dimensions:W665*D90*H1160mm(Excludes Feet) / Weight:6.2kg
Self standing .

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