AET SIN-SP-EVD Speaker cable 2.70 meter/Pr


AET SIN-SP-EVD Speaker cable 2.70 meter/Pr



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Pullout process for surface low-speed mirror finishing of copper wire

In order to maximize the density and compositional quality of copper, the conductor performs a drawing process with a diamond characteristic processing tool. 
Smooth, densely drawn conductors demonstrate powerfulness and good omission.

Cross section of copper wire Ultra precision circular accuracy

In order to realize a precise cylindrical structure, it is necessary to have a high circularity of 1/1000 of a millimeter. 
aet original low speed drawing process realizes super precision circular precision. Therefore, the arranged conductors are in line contact and demonstrate the ability to suppress unnecessary vibrations.

Three layer structure of the world’s pith

Adopt a three-layer precision cylindrical structure realized by the evidence series. 
Especially the strength and density of the bass has been improved. Moreover, the density of the mid range, the amount of information, and the depth are also UP than before.

Adopt high-quality, high-performance lead-free solder

We have independently developed solder of characteristics with low resistance value of 30% as compared with general solder, and adopt it for all products. As it is integrated with the plug, it realizes strong, low loss joining.

Produce everything from materials to processing domestically

Aet supervises all processes of design development. While many cable makers are producing overseas, aet continues to stick to domestic production. 
The final processing is done by a skilled worker with precision processing one by one with true heart.

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