Audio Note(UK) CDT5 CD Transport (Used)


Audio Note(UK) CDT5 CD Transport (Used)


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Whilst the rest of the audiophile world continues it delusional and ultimately doomed love affair with the currently fashionable crop of what are claimed to be ‘high resolution’ computer sources, we at Audio Note (UK) continue to extract even greater degrees of information and quality from Red Book CD, which is still the best, currently available digital music format. ​

It has been specifically engineered for sonic performance rather than technical specification, and fulfils all Audio Note (UK) Level 5 criteria. No expense had been spared in any area, and we have used the finest possible components and materials available to construct this truly outstanding, Reference class CD Transport.

Digital Done Right

Top loading in-house custom modified Philips CD Pro2LF mechanism mounted on sprung sub-chassis, providing vibration-free operation.

Valve Digital Output Stage

Valve digital output stage with valve rectified power supply, custom designed and built output transformer. All silver-wired, Black Gate capacitors everywhere, Audio Note (UK) PALLAS digital interconnect used for internal digital signal transfer.

Make the Connection

The CDT-Five is equipped as standard with 1 x single ended / RCA 75 Ohm digital output, as we find this offers the best form of connection for the valve digital output stage. However, a single unconnected balanced / XLR output socket is fitted to the chassis as standard, and this connection option can be specified by the customer at the time of ordering, if required.

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