Audio Note(UK) Conquest Silver Signature Monoblock (Used)


Audio Note(UK) Conquest Silver Signature Monoblock (Used)




The Audio Note (UK) Conquest Mono Power Amplifiers are Pure Class A Parallel Singled Ended valve amplifiers that use a pair of the highly regarded 300B triode valves per channel, producing a level of performance that is radically superior to the vast majority of current designs.

They have been specifically engineered for sonic performance rather than technical specification, and fulfil all Audio Note (UK) Level 3 criteria: –

Pure Class A operation

Zero Negative Feedback

Single Ended Output Stage

Valve Rectification

Directly Heated Triode operation

Materials and component quality

The Silver Signature version builds upon the already superb performance of the standard CONQUEST, and features the following component upgrades: –

Audio Note (UK) AN-Vx internal cable

Audio Note (UK) 2 Watt Tantalum film resistors

Audio Note (UK) Copper Foil signal capacitors

Audio Note (UK) SHiB Double C-core output transformers