Devialet Super Rare Matt Black Expert D1000 upgraded Core Ifinity

$49,900.00 $29,000.00


Devialet Super Rare Matt Black Expert D1000 upgraded Core Ifinity

$49,900.00 $29,000.00

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Super Rare Matt Black D1000 Pro

The Expert 1000 combines two Expert 250 units to create the ultimate Devialet system. With 1000W of power per channel in an exclusive casing, it is capable of driving the most demanding loudspeakers with a staggering authority and refinement.

Expert is the world’s most advanced audiophile system, meant for music lovers in search of a refined and emotional listening experience. Designed to replace traditional Hi-Fi systems, Expert delivers all the core elements of playback – preamp, amp, DAC, streamer, phono stage – in a single and ultra-compact unit. By rethinking sound reproduction at every turn, Devialet engineers have been able to achieve the best performance ever measured, at all power levels. With a precise and natural attack, explosive dynamics, naked silence and beautifully true timbre, the experience is breathtaking.

Entirely configurable and upgradable, Expert reveals your music’s full potential, whatever the source or speakers.

Devialet Expert Legacy Features

Legacy features from past Devialet models are still important building blocks for the new Devialet Pro series. This includes the following:


The Devialet Configurator is an online tool that allows the user to set up all inputs and outputs. The configuration is then saved to a SD card and then placed in each module for implementation and playback. Multiple configurations can be saved online or on multiple SD cards for future use or comparison. The Configurator also allows you to upgrade to the latest firmware and to evolve single chassis configurations to two chassis configurations (ex.- from the Devialet 220 Pro to the Devialet 420 Pro).

SAM® (Speaker Active Matching)

SAM® software is specific to each speaker brand and model and is designed to address time delays and frequency response errors for frequencies under 200 Hz. SAM® V2 is now available and supports the most complex speaker designs including those with multiple passive radiators. SAM® V2 is now available for over 700 speakers and the list is growing daily.

MAT® (Minimal Arithmetic Transform)

For DSD playback, MAT® DSD Engine technology converts the DSD format into an internal native PCM 40-bits / 384 kHz format. Using 15-bit perfect additions (no multiplication, no storage), the MAT® algorithm performs a 128 taps, linear phase FIR (Finite Impulse Response) digital filter ensuring the conversion of the DSD format into an internal native PCM format.

AIR® (Asynchronous Intelligent Router)

AIR® allows streaming to a Devialet via a Wi-Fi network. In order to stream, the Devialet AIR® Mac OS, or WINDOWS application must be downloaded to your computer from the Devialet website and configured on the Configuration tool.

RAM® (Record Active Matching)

For vinyl playback, RAM® allows you to change equalization curves and other parameters (mixing mode, level) to adapt the Devialet phono stage to each specific vinyl record—all on the fly. This includes the following equalization curves: RIAA 1953, RIAA 1976, NAB, RCA, COLUMBIA, EMI, AES, DECCA, L’OISEAU LYRE, TELEFUNKEN, CAPITOL, MGM, and ESOTERIC.

Phono Stage Options

The phono stage is impressive. You get plenty of flexibility to manage your unique cartridge settings and needs with moving magnet and moving coil cartridges both being supported. You also have stereo and mono settings along with a wide range of resistive and capacitive loading alternatives (up to 256 combinations). To my knowledge, this level of adaptability and sophistication is unique for integrated amplifiers.

Subwoofer Options

Like the phono section, subwoofer options are also quite advanced. You can set up analog outputs for one or two subwoofers with a mix of mono, left, or right channels. Filters can be set at full range, low pass or high pass with cut off frequencies of 10Hz to 10,000Hz. Filters can also be set to first, second, third, or fourth order. Delay settings of up to 20,000 microseconds are also provided.


New Devialet Pro Enhancements

The hardware and software platform has now moved from V5 to V6 with the Devialet Pro series. ADH® has been redesigned and renamed ADH® Intelligence. These changes include the following upgrades:

New Class A

The Class A signal path has been simplified and shortened. The signal now crosses fewer silicon junctions and thus reduces total harmonic distortion (THD). In addition, zero current goes through the Class A circuit in standby mode for reducing the power consumption of the system. The Class A circuit has also been improved from 8-bits to 10-bits (or 1024 levels instead of 256), multiplying the precision of the ADH’s core control by four.

New Class D

Utilizing the new Class D circuit introduced exclusively in the limited production Devialet L’Original d’Atelier model, the 1000 Pro is capable of effectively 50% more power transmission and without any size variation. There is also an increase from 12 to 14 filters per channel which achieves additional gain and performance.

New DAC Magic Wire®

The DAC section for the 1000 Pro is called the DAC Magic Wire® and utilizes the Texas Instrument PCM1792. Performance for DAC Magic Wire® is improved by more than 6dB (THD < 0.0001%) and the noise floor has been lowered by 2.5dB. Fewer transistors have also been used to simplify the circuit design and guarantee the most accurate reproduction of the source material.

New Power Supply

In addition to reaching 4000W of peak power on the 1000 Pro (formerly 3000W on the Expert 800), the new power supply improves the local decoupling from the mains network by 15dB. Load transients are also handled 2x faster. These changes result in improved resolution, speed and dynamics.  

New Thermal Management

The heat dissipation is 2x faster on the Expert 1000 Pro. This is primarily due to a heat exchange surface that is 2.5x larger and a new 2.4kg bottom plate made of pure copper. The printed circuit board’s copper thickness has been doubled with six layers of 70μ copper gold plating for minimized thermal loss and increased efficiency. There is also improved thermal coupling of the power transistors. 


2x1000Wrms 6Ω












DC-30kHz (-0.1dB) DC-95kHz (-3dB)


0.2° at 20kHz

0.9° at 40kHz


Below measurement threshold



2x SHARC 400 MHz DSP

1x 16 MHz RISC-Processor

4x 40 MHz RISC-Processor

1x 64 MHz RISC-Processor for details.

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