Shunyata Research Alpha Interconnect RCA 1M/pr

$3,500.00 $2,200.00


Shunyata Research Alpha Interconnect RCA 1M/pr

$3,500.00 $2,200.00

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Renowned Distortion-Reducing Zitron Technology Comes to Analog Interconnects: Zitron Alpha Cables Deliver Reference Low-Level Resolution and Purity, Eliminate Need for Burn-In Time

Shunyata‘s internationally renowned Zitron technology – which lowers dielectric distortion and preserves the integrity of the original audio signal – comes to analog interconnects in the form of Alpha cables. Cutting-edge construction comprising Ohno Continuous Cast Copper, VTX hollow-core conductors, sonic welding terminations, and advanced fluorocarbon dielectrics further Alpha‘s reference performance. Alpha analog interconnectsmaster low-level resolution and purity, drastically elevating musical coherency and detail. And they don’t require any burn-in time to sound their finest.

Seem impossible? It’s not, thanks to Shunyata’s Kinetic Phase Inversion Process (KPIP) – a pioneering conditioning method that eliminates the need for time-consuming burn-in and elevates the overall fidelity of your system. Sixteen-gauge twisted pair geometry, braided shielding, and tubular gold termination pins complete an impeccably engineered, USA-made interconnect that will change how you listen. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

KPIP (Kinetic Phase Inversion Process): Eliminates Need for Burn-In
Shunyata founder Caelin Gabriel developed KPIP after years of research into the underlying causes of various effects such as burn-in, wire directionality, and cryogenic treatment. He discovered an underlying core principle that burn-in and cryogenics only partially addressed. Once the governing principle was understood, it became possible to create a processing technique and machine that could virtually eliminate the need for burn-in and cryogenic treatment.

Second-Generation Zitron Technology: Lowers Distortion, Preserves Signal Integrity
The internationally patented Zitron technology is the most compelling of Shunyata Research’s technologies given its ability to measurably lower dielectric distortion and preserve the original signal’s integrity. It requires a special type of conductor that has two signal paths and an electric field compensation circuit that creates a cancellation signal that prevents the insulation from developing a charge. Zitron cables have earned a legendary reputation among reviewers, customers, and sound professionals for their ability to eclipse the performance of even cost-prohibitive cables. Caelin Gabriel’s research has evolved to a second-generation Zitron technology that is making its debut in Alpha Series.

OFE 101 Copper for Unsurpassed Purity
OFE Alloy 101, or C10100, is the highest grade of copper, with a minimum 99.99% purity and a conductivity rating of 101% IACS. OFE stands for oxygen-free electrolytic and supersedes the term OFHC (oxygen-free high conductivity). C10100 is the only grade of copper that comes with a written certification of purity.

ArNi Wire
ArNi® is a type of wire created by Shunyata Research designed to be the finest quality wire available for audio purposes. It begins with the highest-purity or copper available. It is then formed in virtual hollow tubes, eliminating skin effects and eddy current distortions. And finally, the wire undergoes Shunyata’s proprietary KPIP process.

Mint condition.