SOTM sMS-1000SQ Windows Edition Music Server + sPS 1000 Power Supply (Demo Unit)

$8,300.00 $5,400.00


SOTM sMS-1000SQ Windows Edition Music Server + sPS 1000 Power Supply (Demo Unit)

$8,300.00 $5,400.00

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 Here are the key points why sMS-1000SQ Windows Edition is so special,

 First, in order to enhance the already great sound quality of the sMS-1000SQ fundamentally, we chose to use the award-winning AudiophileOptimizer from Switzerland based Highend-AudioPC.

 The AudiophileOptimizer is gaining popular favour from audiophiles around the world. It is installed as the first piece of software to ensure the best sound quality possible, even outperforming Linux based music servers. The Audiophile Optimizer specifically optimizes the Windows OS with only one goal in mind, to reproduce the highest sounds quality possible. In short, SOtM sMS-1000SQ Windows Edition is purified Windows OS by AudiophileOptimizer.

 Second, the users can easily obtain high-quality internet streaming service via ROON and also other playback software as well, and are capable to build the multi-zone network audio system configuration.

 Third, the sMS-1000SQ Windows Edition can be referred to Windows OS device, which is specialized in obtaining the high-quality sound, allowing using of all functions on Windows OS based on the reputable SOtM’s Hardware performance. 

 Fourth, sMS-1000SQ Windows Edition uses tX-USBexp as the basic feature and allows external power to the USB audio port to easily upgrade to the higher level of sound quality.

 Plus, the sMS-1000SQ Windows Edition allows using internet streaming services like TIDAL or Qobuz, and common music playback programs like Foobar2000 and JRiver, etc.

sPS-1000 power supply will present the rich and elegant sound with the increased resolution through the stable DC power, these features will cover the dry and rough sounds called as the weakness of most digital audio devices have, and such these presentations will be the best feature of sPS-1000.

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