To Infinity and Beyond

This is not the first time I’ve bought equipment and complete set up from Desmond, owner of hifi.com.sg. Friendly, honest and ever willing to listen and help is his forte. As for his staff, they possess the same fervour and tenacity, often going beyond the call to help resolve any nagging issues I have. Recently, my Air Tight ATM 300R emit a “tinkling” sound whenever it was switched on and this issue was brought right up to Mr Jack Miura-San who immediately responded to answering the concern.

Today this same exemplary support was repeated in helping me resolve setting up a pair of Devialet Phantom Golds. Not only Alfred completed this but go beyond to help me RW-set up my wifi connection and also recommended me to procure a better router than what SingTel had provided and also will help me set it up. Would I be looking at a change of gears, and if I do so, which most likely will in the near future, Desmond’s shop will be my go-to place as he had the Brand’s I wanted but more importantly, the same friendly and strong after sales support.

Thank you Desmond (and your staff Ridzuan & Alfred) who helped me so much.

Jerry Seh

Responsive and very clients centric

Fred and his colleague did a fantastic job installing my hifi system ( AN) and ( Lumin ) today

It is a joy to work with Fred .
He is responsive and very clients centric

You should be very proud of him

Thanks Desmond for the professionalism

Billy Wong

Devialet Phantom Gold

Hello Desmond and Nicholas. Many thanks for the great service. Especially Nic who helped me through the night and came by this morning to sort out syncing of the 2 speakers.

YK Tan

Service levels were extraordinary

Hi Joseph,Your service levels were extraordinary and I thought you basically made us buy this.

Rahul Ahuja

David is a great before and after service guy

I would like to commend that David is a great before and after service guy. Patience, listen, never over promise and I should say - impeccable services rendered in such a short span of time of encounter with him.


Transfiguration Phoenix Cartridge

Thank you very much not only for the pleasant talk at your shop but also and much more for your kind guidance towards the above pick-up system. Am I ever glad that I listened to your advice!!!

The system does everything you said it should and has been a source of great pleasure for the past two weeks. It's a perfect match and the most outstanding property is the ease with which it plays all my records. It is almost like not being there, just the music.  That is not to mention the fantastic bass and resolution of very fine detail. In addition to that, installing it on my VPI 3D arm was a breeze, all parameters falling into place by itself, it didn't take half an hour. That has never happened before, and I have installed quite a few, normally taking between 90-120 minutes for proper adjusting. I take this as further proof for a good match 😉

Thanks once again and am looking forward to another pleasant meeting in the future! 

Uwe W.

Helpful and professional

This is just a short note to say THANK YOU for selling me the Devialet 200 and also installing it for me.  You were very helpful and professional. It is playing perfectly.  It is amazing.

Andrew Roche

You folks stand behind your products

Thank you for Makoto's contact information. The amp arrived in Osaka this morning and repairs will soon follow. I'm sure that Air Tight would not be repairing the amp now if not for your direct efforts. Makoto mentioned that he has known you for five years and clearly he wants to maintain a strong partnership with Audio Note, Singapore. I'm proud of being one of your distant customers. You folks stand behind your products.
Good on you!

Steve Tokyo

Such a marvelous sound

you must mail me your picture because you get a big kiss !!I am speechless , such a marvelous sound !
Such a pleasure doing business with you,
thank you so much.

I wish you in the meantime ALL THE BEST !

Karel Belgium

Condition of the cables is excellent

Extraordinary! .... delivered to my front door in Auckland by TNT at 8.00am this morning, less than 30 hours elapsed hours from the time of your email below!!!Condition of the cables is excellent ... certainly no complaints there.
Very satisfied!

Tony New Zealand

I am enjoying my music again!

Just wanted to drop you a note To thank you and to let you know that I have installed the guardian 6 and it is great sounding, my system sounds like it just came out of the closet. The old conditioner was clearly restricting it. Tks and I am enjoying my music again! Cheers



Audience 1+1 speakers

I've been meaning to email you to express my sincerest gratitude and appreciation for what you have created in the 1+1's. They are revolutionary and I am indebted. The imaging and depth is simply unbelievable. Although I have had this email on my list and would have gotten to it within a few days, I was inspired to write it now as I listened to the Nebraska soundtrack, which is a compilation of songs by Mark Orton (who makes regular use of banjo, clarinet and the accordion). Admittedly, I was listening to the 1+1's as background music while I worked. I found myself looking up incredulously at an area 6 feet to the left of the left speaker. This is where, mid-song, the first notes of banjo appeared in the soundstage. I took a double take and positioned myself slightly more perfectly in front of the speakers and closed my eyes. What I heard should not be coming from speakers this size. You've truly made listening to music fun again!!!

Nicest HiFi shop and Awesome Equipment

The Proteus installed on my Breuer arm and the sound straight out of the box is very nice. I am rather impressed. Character is very close to the Kondo IOM however the Proteus is much faster and detailed.

After looking in your shop yesterday I was thinking when driving home that your shop is the nicest HiFi shop I have ever seen. Your display of equipment is awesome.

Can you quote me for the cable lifters discussed, the new version.

Thanks in advance and happy new year.



You take care of your customers

Thanks Desmond! You really do take care of your customers. Appreciate your offer for a refund but really not necessary. I was listening to the speakers and they still sound very good. Furthermore the blemishes cannot be seen from my listening position. Apologies for disturbing you in the midst of your trip. Have a safe one.


A very Happy Customer

I have received my AN E speaker even I have not open it till this morning but thank you so much for your help. I am very happy with the speaker and everything you did to help me.

Honest and customer oriented

I just wanted to say "THANK YOU" for selling me the Audio Note Kondo step up transformer. It arrived in perfect working and cosmetic condition. And you sold it to me for such a reasonable price. I appreciated your rapid communications, and thoughtful follow-up (even tracking down for me the original paperwork and sending it to me at no charge). Your honesty and customer service made this overseas transaction very easy for me. I am enjoying the Kondo SUT with my Spiral Groove SG 1.1 turntable with my Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement cartridge. It sounds incredible.

TW Acustic Raven GT

I have been living with the lovely NAS Hyperspace for slightly more than 3 years before I upgraded to NAS Dais less than two years ago, and lately the upgrade-bug hit me once again - I NEED a new deck!
A few candidates were on "my list", some of them I've heard and some only seen - but non of them were available for home-demo. So the decision was pretty much blind or based on other systems auditions.

- On my list
- NAS Anna Log (a natural candidate since this is where my analog's journey started)
- Brinkmann Oasis/Bardo
- TW Acustic Raven GT
- SME 20/3

After some thinking/decision time - the TW Acustic Raven GT was chosen and I've ordered it with the AC (copper) platter (Thomas Woschnik ("TW"), the designer, recommended the AC platter to bring the GT as close as possible to the Raven AC level - as my original thoughts were to purchase the Raven AC but it was out of my budget.

The Raven is a work of art, its build quality, compared to the NAS decks, is simply amazing. Usually when upgrading an analog setup, the arm is kept. This time I've decided to replace my Ortofon 390D 12 inches arm and go for the Raven 10.5 arm to be able to make a complete comparison between the Dias and the Raven GT. Well, to my surprise, it was not subtle at all - it's a BIG step. The most dominant attribute was the bass quantity and quality - it was 2 levels above that of the Dias. The bass was more defined and went so much deeper - that my listening area suddenly "felt" new frequencies. It was with one word for me to sum up ~ awesome!

Then I've noticed the solidity of the images, everything was placed better, and had better definition with less "background" noise around it. The sound had more impact, and dynamic bursts were quicker and more dominant (some may call this PRaT - Pace, Rhythm and Timing). Instruments had more texture and more meats - something that I am very concerned as I was not looking for a "hi-fi" type of sound improvement.

What I like about upgrading analog rig, is that records (mostly used) that sounded mediocre on my previous setup now sound way better (some even jumped from sounding mediocre to sounding great!).

Now, excuse me, I have some records to play.



Honest and customer oriented

When purchasing pre-owned high-end equipment through the Internet there is always the risk that the item that has been purchased unseen does not meet the buyer’s expectation. In such a situation the buyer, who has paid for the item and received it, is dependent on the seller’s willingness to accept the validity of the buyer’s concern and to accept return of the item and refund the purchase price.As an international buyer who has purchased several items from Audio Note Singapore with complete satisfaction, I found myself in such a situation where I was not happy with the condition of an item I purchased. I notified AN Singapore immediately about my concerns. Vincent responded promptly and, while hoping it might be possible to resolve the situation without return of the item, undertook to take the item back and refund the purchase price if that was my wish.
Eventually, after some email discussion, I did decide to return the equipment and accept a refund. The return of the item went smoothly, despite distance, and the refund was made promptly.
This level of honesty and customer service maintains my confidence to undertake future purchases from AN Singapore, and I commend the company for its response and willingness to put the situation right.

Excellent Advice

Just mounted the proteus cart last night and the only thing that i hear is MAGIC!! what can i say just to thanks you for your very excellent advice.

Great communication and fast shipping

great Audiogoner, accurate discription of product, great communication. Fast shipping, I would recommend without hesitation. I look forward to our next transaction. Thank you for the cables.

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