An excellent transaction,item arrived quickly and was as advertised. I will almost certainly purchase from this professional seller again.

A really fine stylus pressure gauge at an excellent price, timely overseas delivery from Singapore. Don't hesitate to do business with Audio Note Singapore and Vincent-a credit to Audiogon!

HRS R-1 is a good isolation plate

The HRS R-1 is a good isolation plate. Sounds more musical, dynamic and more details heard. Also bass is more liquid.Very recommended.

I've put it under my CDT, and i will order for another plate with red dot.

Excellent service

Just to say that the tubes arrived safely ; Thank you for the "bomb proof" packaging - Excellent service as always !


Package delivered yesterday afternoon ... all handled very efficiently by Fedex. Superb packaging! ... it appears to be in excellent condition and I am very happy with the condition.Again, many thanks for your helpfulness in this transaction. I hope in the future we may do further business.

Good, Fair, Quick

Good communication, fair price, quick shipping - what more could I ask for?

Stillpoints improved my sound

The first set of Stillpoints purchased from you directly from Singapore through my friend were mounted below my Rega P3 turntable with Rega Exact cartridge and immediately raise the performance to a new level.
Just when I thought the sound of my phono section could not get any better than that, I was shocked again after mounting the second set of Stillpoints to my newly bought EAR 834P tube phono preamp. The major improvement was the sound stage which has expand in size and the overall performance becomes three dimensional and providing more ambient feels especially when listening to good orchestra and live performance recording.

A big Thank You

*I am a happy owner of a new Leben CS 300XS in Singapore. I want to say a big Thank You for such wonderful music that comes from it. *

Excellent help and service

Yesterday the two G2 amp modules arrived in good order. Changing the units out with my G1 Duo Grosso was very easy and straight forward. But what a change for the better. When I switched the system on and the first music notes came out I was stunned at the immediate improvement. The bass is really a lot tighter. This is definitely a worthwhile upgrade.
I would like to thank you both for the excellent help and service you have given me to resolve my technical problems and even got a worthwhile improvement out of it.

Thousand thanks

I received the cartridge last night.
Again, thousand thanks.

Thank you for the service

I just returned home with my retubed AudioNote DAC1 and I must say I am very pleased with the sound. Thank you for the service.

Edwin Soon


Last week Friday I received the transport.The transport works very well, arrived in good shape.
The sound is very good , very musical and a real synergy with the rest of my sysem.
In future I might try the sogon as a digital cable.
Thanks for the good handling of it all.
Happy Christmas


Avantgarde Duo Omega is a significant improvement

Thanks for the late night labour with Vincent the other day.
The upgrade to Duo Omega is phenomenal. I thought the original Avantgarde Duo sounded excellent but Omega is a significant improvement although I have had only less than 10 hours of break in.

Great customer service

I just received the scale.Amazing. I love it.
Thanks so much for the great customer service
and the fast shipping.

A pleasure to deal with

I am writing to confirm that the Canrong Digital Stylus Force Gauge has arrived yesterday in excellent condition.I also want to thank you for the fast delivery.It was a pleasure to deal with your company

Thanks a lot

All items are well and good. Thanks a lot, it is really nice doing business with you.

Excellent service

I want to thank you very much for the excellent service and as you expressed it "the great communication". I can't remember the last time that I had so much fun purchasing a product. All the best to you!

The AMR (CD-77) is bloody amazing!

The AMR (CD-77) is bloody amazing!
I really thought I had it all and heard it all with the Audio Note player, but this guy blossoms so much more naturally, I can now understand what critics mean when they say it’s so “natural”. It is indeed. I don’t have a sound system anymore, I have performances.

This is a good player dude. Thanks for bringing it in and the trade-in/ upgrade path that allowed me to bring her home.


Safe 'n quick shipping, responsive 'n courteous, was just as stated, Perfect: This was, in a few words... The Art of the Perfect Deal -- Thanks!!!

The tube arrived safely today.
Sounds very nice -- rich and warm, yet open, crisp and well balanced overall.

Thanx again.

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